Special Seasonal Coffee Blend

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Tasting Notes: Rose Tea, Pineapple, Vanilla Bean
Coffee Origins: Mt Halu, Indonesia

Process: Honey Process - Extended Fermentation

Altitude: 1500-1800 meters above sea level

Roast: Light-Medium Roast

Suitable for: French press, Pour Over, Filter Coffee, Moka Pot


Know Your Coffee:

Mt Halu, Indonesia is known for yielding the highest record single origin specialty coffee sold in 2019. This special coffee selection undergoes a unique process of extended fermentation honey process, which first siphons the coffee cherries to remove unripe or low-density cherries and thereafter added into a concealed tank for fermentation. This innovative method results in a full development of delicious and exotic notes of the coffee bean.

Mandarin Toast 250g - Rose Tea & Pineapple

Grind Size
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