[ Announcement: In light of the current COVID-19, we have decided to temporarily suspend our coffee tasting sessions as of March 17th, 2020. For more information, please do not hesitate to email us at hello@themakscoffee.com ]



Time slots are for following week.

Coffee Tasting Session

Preferred Time Slot
  • Discover your coffee profile with us.

    Visit The Tasting Room (by appointment only)

    Located at : 267 Tembeling Road, Singapore 423739

    Book your tasting session slot: Available from Tuesday - Thursday (10am-3pm)


    36 SGD per session

    (36 SGD credit can be used to redeem products after each tasting session)


    Tasting Session Details:

    -Taste up to 2 cups of coffee at The Tasting Room

    -Select 1 coffee bean of your choice (that is available on our online store)

    -Brewed with your preferred method (espresso / pour over / french press)

    -Pick a Time & Date from: Tuesday - Thursday: 10am-3pm


    Remarks: Once you have selected your preferred time and date and completed your booking by checking out, we will send you an email with availability and booking confirmation. 

  • The Preferred Time Slot refers to slots for the following week. 

    For example:

    If you select Wed 10am - this means you have requested to book a slot for next Wednesday at 10am. 

    For further questions or urgent inquiries: please email us directly at hello@themakscoffee.com or give us a call at (65) 8812 3450.

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