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Working From Home? How do you create a productive workspace at home that suits you best?

Updated: May 18, 2021

A lot of us are joining in on self-quarantining and practicing social distancing by working from home. In this week’s blog, we list a few ways to create a productive workspace at home that suits you best.


First up, start with choosing a comfortable and quiet room or corner where you can set up all the things you need. Identify what you need in order to work and have them easily accessible. For instance, if you do not already have a pre-set up study room, choose a space that has ample access to wifi connection where you can fit in a work desk, chair and computer. Having the option to close up the space in case of an impromptu work call is also helpful. Remember, it is important to create a space that works for you, not against you. 


Having sufficient natural light in your space is key to keeping you focused and of course gives you better visuals of what you’re working on. We like to add a little greenery into our space to lighten up the mood simply by placing a small pot of plant on our work desk. 

For those who are used to working in a busy and buzzling environment, you may not be used to the silence while working from home. Try turning on some light music in the background to get you started. Scented candles are also great accessories to have in your workspace to help you destress and keep calm while working from home. 


Begin your day with a hearty breakfast bowl with a cup of coffee to start your work day. Get dressed up in something smart, but comfortable that inspires productivity. It is important to stay as close as you can to your daily routine so you can easily adjust when things return to normalcy. 


With the current COVID-19, hygiene is at the very top of our list. Make sure to always sanitize your devices before and after use. These include your mobile phones, headphones, mouse, keyboards and even your work desk. Remember to wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face.  


Working from home can sometimes make you lose track of time. Schedule proper breaks in between your work day. We suggest planning your day as close to your regular work day as much as you can to maintain some level of normalcy. Did you know that you are more productive when you are better rested? So take a break and have a cup of coffee or tea. Stand up, walk around and go for restroom breaks and don’t forget to stretch after sitting for long hours. It’s also important to keep yourself hydrated. 

Personalizing your space can help you set the mood and tone while working from home. As Marie Kondo would say, “Surround yourself with things that spark joy.” Avoid the clutter and be organized in creating your very own work space.

How are you working from home? 

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