Made in Japan

- A great pairing to our Brass Drip Stand in Walnut.

Cera Filter

  • Cera Filter is an eco-coffee filter made of porous ceramics that has a unique purifying effect which removes impurities from the water and produces a smooth taste to your final cup of coffee. This filter can also be used to filter water, sake or shochu (not recommended for beer), or even to brew tea leafs. With this filter, you can brew your favourite coffee without the use of filter paper. 

    Cleaning Instructions:
    -Rinse thoroughly with hot water before and after use.

    -Remove the used ground coffee quickly after brewing to avoid the grounds from clogging the cera filter.

    -Do not use any detergent. Only rinse with water until water is clear.

    -Rinse filter again with hot water to ensure the filter is clean.

    -Yearly maintenance (recommended): Refresh your cera filter with heat treatment once a year. Simply put on top of the stove and burn on medium heat for about 15 minutes to unclog the pores. After the filter cools down, rinse again with hot water. 

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