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How to Brew the Perfect Cuppa?

Updated: May 18, 2021

A great cup of coffee can set the mood for your entire day. So why not brew the perfect cuppa? Every small detail matters when it comes to brewing a good cup of coffee. Precision and consistency is the key to achieving the right taste and aroma you are looking for.


When brewing using the Pour Over method, the grind size of the coffee should be medium coarse. We highly recommend investing in your very own grinder. Grinding your own coffee right before brewing makes up for a great aroma for your final cup instead of having your coffee grounded many days before hand.


The temperature of the the water is very important when you want to achieve the ultimate cuppa. If the water is too hot, your coffee will taste bitter. If the water used is not hot enough, your coffee will taste slightly sour and acidity appears. Then what is the best temperature? The optimal water temperature recommended is 95 degrees Celsius. If you do not have a temperature controlled kettle, we recommend bringing the water to a boil and leaving it out for 10 seconds before pouring. Before brewing, make sure to warm your cup by rinsing it with hot water to make sure the coffee temperature remains stable when being transferred from the brewing gear to your cup.


The ideal coffee water ratio is 1 to 16. That means 25g of coffee to 400ml of water. Pour the water in circles from outside to inside to allow even distribution on the coffee surface. This helps increase the consistency of your final cup. First, pour in 4-5 circles to let the coffee bloom and open up its aroma. After the coffee begins to drip, continue pouring until you've reached the ideal coffee water ratio.


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